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Jose Rey

Rey Cuba Photography

Cuba, architecture and landscape


As a child i dreamed to conquer the world in various ways, without achieving or understand it, played sports, i studied music, collected stamps; everything ran smoothly from one activity to another, until I received my first camera.

Looking the world through the viewfinder, register it, then see the record of the time, work as a detonating that never ceased to be in my mind.

As soon as the economic possibilities allowed me to buy my first camera and I decided to get into it and started studying, books, tutorials, articles, classes, everything fell into my hands was devoured at high speed.

Today I a want to be able to share with other people the world around me, this is the door through which I want to cross the threshold of other which dream as me to leave the footprint of the time lived.


Havana sunset black and white by Jose Rey


Preston Sugar stories by Jose Rey


The colour ride by Jose Rey


Taxi in Havana by Jose Rey


Havana Sunset by Jose Rey


Havana at night by Jose Rey


Nisita in Havana bay by Jose Rey


Habana Libre by Jose Rey


Holguin Cuba Loma de la Cruz by Jose Rey


Havana winter by Jose Rey


Gibara Holguin Cuba by Jose Rey


Palm tree in Havana bay by Jose Rey


Vedado Havana city sunset by Jose Rey


Vedado Havana Cuba by Jose Rey


moving old car by Jose Rey


My Havana roof by Jose Rey


La Habana Cuba Capitolio by Jose Rey


Rampa Havana by Jose Rey


Old stories by Jose Rey